Intermoney Valores

About us

Quiénes somos

Intermoney Valores SV

Founded in 1999, the company incorporates into its services the most modern and efficient means in the sector to access the main stock markets worldwide, obtaining a differentiating value compared to other entities in the sector.

Intermoney Valores has direct access to the main world markets, being a member of: BME, Xetra, NYSE Euronext Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon. As well as Euroclear and Iberclear.

Our values


Intermoney Valores SV bases its services on the following principles:



It allows us to provide our services objectively and efficiently.



More than 20 years creating a differentiating value compared to other similar entities.


High technology

Allows us to execute orders quickly and efficiently.



It allows us to analyse and make the most appropriate decisions for our clients.



This takes the form of clear and precise information to our clients about the executions.


Proximity to the client

With a professional and experienced commercial area, which allows us to continuously monitor our clients.

CIMD Group

CIMD Group

Intermoney Valores belongs to the CIMD Group: Leading INDEPENDENT group in FINANCIAL MARKETS since 1984. Offering Brokerage, Consultancy, Management, Securitisation and Energy services. With offices in Madrid, Lisbon and Dubai. 


Solidarity Day


The CIMD Group has a strong social commitment and a vocation to work for the most disadvantaged people. 

Through Solidarity Day, the CIMD Group organises an annual solidarity action at the beginning of December. 

This initiative consists of handing over, in full, all the income obtained by the ten companies of the Group on this Solidarity Day, to help the development of children’s projects and research in Spain, Portugal and Dubai. 

The Board of the CIMD Group approves the allocation of the resources obtained among the NGOs that have applied with specific projects for this aid. These projects are presented either directly or through the Lealtad Foundation.