Intermoney Capital Advisory

Intermoney Capital Advisory

We create alternative financing solutions tailored to the client’s needs.

Intermoney Capital Advisory is the team responsible for the origination and structuring of equity and debt transactions, public and private, for midmarket companies or projects, start-ups or growth companies. In particular, Intermoney Capital Advisory is able to design solutions in the alternative financing environment that respond to the needs of its clients. 

We work closely with other teams in the CIMD group to leverage their experience and expertise. These partnerships provide clients with the best solutions to their financing needs on a case-by-case basis.  Always following the group’s philosophy of independence and commitment. 

Intermoney Capital Advisory operates as a strategic corporate advisor for structured transactions with a special focus on Asset Backed Finance for listed and private companies. We have extensive knowledge of the alternative fixed income and securitisation markets, and maintain close contact with institutional investors operating within them. We act as advisors in the relationship with rating agencies and as registered advisors to the MARF.